Build Weather Driven Apps

Add dynamic and interactive weather visualisation and functionality with the WXTiles API.

About WXTiles

Seamless Weather Integration

Image Overlays

Beautiful overlays for GoogleMaps, MapBox or Bing Maps.

Vector Tiles

Vector Rendering, and Client-side Data Interaction.

Data Tiles

Raw Data for Full Control and Interactivity.

Simple API and SDKs

Rapid and easy application integration.


Weather changes and can change everything. Safety, efficiency and logistics in most business are influenced by the weather. By integrating weather into your application, you can help your users take control of their weather risks. WXTiles has up to the second updates from the most detailed and accurate weather data sources, current and forecast. With an easy to use API, WXTiles turns a big data problem into easy integration, letting you focus on adding value for your end users.


WXTiles map editor

Create your own custom map in seconds.

WXTiles API for developers

Integrate weather tiles into your product.

Data for every use case

The API provides multiple possible layers of different weather data. In addition to the usual layers of temperature, winds or rain, we also provide advanced information relating to risks associated with lightning, tornadoes and hail. For activities on or near the ocean, there are forecasts of wave conditions. We will be expanding our layer catalogue continuously to provide the best quality and most useful weather related data.

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